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“The Team Manager makes it much easier for me to prepare my team for the opponent. Especially the playbook module and the video tool help me to analyze the opponents’ playing style and so I can adjust my team induvidually in the best possible way, fast and uncomplicated for the next match.”
– Steffi Mittasch, HSG Würm-Mitte (3. Liga)

“The software helps me with the complete planning of my team and enables me to work out a better picture of the opponent teams in an uncomplicated way. Especially the video tool helps me to perform the video analysis quickly and efficiently and to adjust my team optimally to the opponents.”
– Mike Leibssle, SG H2Ku Herrenberg (2. Liga)

“As a former Bundesliga handball player, for me it’s important to prepare my playeeres quickly and easily with optimal video support, both individually and as a team, and preparing them in the best possible way for their next opponent. In Team Manager and Christian Sorger, I have found a partner who puts my wishes into practice quickly and without complications. That makes my job a lot easier.” 
Daniel Brack, VfL Pfullingen (3. Liga)

“For Preparation and following up of our games, I can unse team Manager to make video analyses in a very time-saving way and therefore I can optimally prepare my team for the opponent.” 
– Helmut Hoffmann, HC Erlangen U23 (3. Liga)

“With Team Manager, I have a tool that makes my training plans easier and also gives me an easy way to better develope my team’s play. By now, I couldn’t imagine a season without Team Manager.”  
– Oliver Götsch, HT München (Bayernliga)

“The Team Manager makes it much easier for me to work with my team.
I can analyze my team’s games and thus improve my players individually. It also provides me with optimal support as a coach at our level. I especially appreciate the fast and uncomplicated support. My inquiries are answered quickly and qualitatively by the Team Manager team.”
– Mario Stadlmair, TSV Bobingen (Bezirksoberliga)